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Winter Giving

As 2017 draws to a close, DARA hopes you’ll consider helping refugee families build a new life in America. As Americans, we are so fortunate to live in a country where we are safe from war and famine and have the privilege to help others who are less fortunate. DARA works to resettle refugee families, providing advocacy and support as they work toward self-sufficiency to become productive members of our community, and even a small donation to our organization can help us in this mission.

Your holiday or year-end 2017 giving to DARA will allow you to partner with us as we prepare to welcome and assist refugee families in the Danbury area in 2018. It’s easy to give to DARA through PayPal by clicking on this link:

Another way to help refugees is to donate your time or skills. You can learn more about volunteering on our Get Involved page. You can also help by spreading the word and sharing our message on social media.

Thank you, from all of us at DARA. Your support is greatly appreciated.



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